The CPS Council join with the P&C Council in aspects of the fight to close the Ginninderra District High School.  The CPS Coordinator continues to participate on the 12 hour Preschool Working Party. The outgoing CPS Council recommends that the incoming CPS Council look into expanding the scope of the CPS from “preschool” to “Early Childhood”.  It also recommends that the CPS Constitution be reviewed and rewritten with that shift in focus and to update it’s administrative and governance procedures  (Harkness, 2007)


Preschools increase from 10.5 hours per week to 12 hours per week – offering the option of two long days extending from 9am-3pm along with 3 short days.  The ACT Government announces the potential closure of one quarter of all Government Schools across Canberra.  Of this, 22 preschools were listed as closing over a period of 3 years.  The remaining preschools were to be amalgamated with a Government primary schools.  It also introduced the idea of forming four Early Childhood Schools.  The CPS responded proactively with the Community Consultation process in a manner that was in sync with it’s culture of collaboration and cooperation.

Arguing effectively that:

  • the historical basis for all preschools lies in a contractual agreement dating back to 1944;
  • that Preschools are jointly operated by the ACT Government and the Preschool Parent Association:
  • that the Preschool Parent Associations are not equipped to manage the winding-up of 22 individual incorporated bodies with a total of $1 million in assets between them – in the time-frame outlined in the Government’s proposal.

Also supporting, in principle, the:

  • amalgamation of preschools with primary schools; and
  • establishment of Early Childhood Schools that reflect the new ACT Curriculum Framework Early Childhood Band of Preschool, Kindergarten, Year 1 & Year 2.

In the light of the significant changes happening to Preschools within the ACT, nationally and internationally, the CPS Council unanimously vote to work towards expanding their representational scope and focus from Preschool to encompass the Early Childhood years of 0-8.  A new CPS Constitution is drawn up to reflect the change of focus.

To maintain some clarity in the issues of preschool governance between the ACT Government and the individual Preschool Parent Associations a special resolution to affect the changes to the CPS Constitution is withdrawn – when it is discovered that the CPS Constitution espouses the original aims of the Society.

The CPS wins the State & Territory Prime Ministers Award for Community and Business Partnerships for the Treasurer’s Useful Box software program.

The CPS Coordinator position is reviewed and a new position of CPS Executive Officer is put in place – with a duty statement that more accurately reflects the position.  An increase of the CPS Grant-in-Aid is sought to pay for the increase in salary.

Amanda Kilby (later Faulds) is invited to become a CPS Life Member in recognition of her continuing commitment and dedicated service to the Society as Treasurer for 7 years – she accepts (Harkness, 2007).


Affiliation fees increase to $7.00 per child with a $30 per preschool administrative levy.

Work continues on the re-evaluation of the CPS role and it’s relationship to its member Preschool Parent Associations and the ACT Department of Education & Training – in light of the ACT Government’s initiatives of the preschool/ primary amalgamations and the establishment of the four new Early Childhood Schools.

The outcome being a change of the society’s focus from Preschool to Early Childhood – ensuring that it remains in sync with the provision of non-compulsory early childhood education to all young children in the ACT.  This change in focus is also expected to bring the adoption of a new constitution and possibly organisational name at the end of the year (2007).





Harkness, C. (2007) A brief history of the CPS. Personal document.

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